Five rotating limited-production cheeses  15.95


Onion Soup Gratinee  7.95

Potage St.Germain  4.50 / 5.75

Duck Fat Pommes Frites
Dijonnaise or red pepper ketchup 4.95 / 6.95

Mushroom Duxelles
Mushrooms, sherry cream sauce, shallots, country bread    7.95

Fois Gras Torchon
Chilled torchon, fig jam, croute, sea salt, pepper    16.95

White wine broth, tomato, garlic, basil, shallots   12.95



Avocado and Citrus
Arugula, grapefruit supremes, avocado, grande croute, extra virgin olive oil, lemon wedge    10.95

Kale and Goat Cheese Croute
Chopped kale, bacon viniagrette, goat cheese croute    10.95

Beets, arugula, oranges, gorgonzola, sugared pecans, blackberry vinaigrette    9.95

Rotisserie Chopped Cobb
Rotisserie chicken, chopped farmer greens, tomatoes, red onion, avocado, gorgonzola, bacon, hard boiled egg,
buttermilk herb dressing    12.95

Warm Quinoa
Seasonal vegetables, caramelized onion, pumpkin seed vinaigrette, butternut squash and micro greens slaw    9.95

Add a seared chicken breast for 7.95
Add a 4 oz sliced filet for 9.95
Add 2 oz rotisserie chicken for 2.50
Add a sunny side up egg for 2.50



Served with seasonal greens dressed in shallot tarragon vinaigrette.

Ratatouille Crêpe Provençal
Zucchini, eggplant, onions, tomatoes, feta    11.95

Benedict Crêpe
Ham, gruyère, sunny side up egg, bernaise     12.95

Chicken Crêpe
Chicken breast, arugula, mushrooms, sherry cream    13.95



Le Club
Thinly sliced toasted brioche, rotisserie chicken, dijon and aioli, bacon, cucumbers, avocado  11.25

Le Club Salmon
Thinly sliced toasted brioche, Ora King smoked salmon, bacon, arugula, red onion, avocado, aioli   14.95

Chicken Salad Patachou
Chicken Salad Patachou, fresh fruit, housemade baked treat   10.95


Served with seasonal greens dressed in shallot tarragon vinaigrette.

Croque Petite Chou
Ham, Brie, mushrooms, béchamel, dijonnaise 12.95

Croque Monsieur
Ham, gruyère, creamy béchamel, dijonnaise 12.95

Croque Madame*
Croque Monsieur, sunny side up egg 14.95

*consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions


Petite Chou Burger
Fischer Farms local Angus blend, Brie, caramelized onion, sautéed mushrooms, brioche bun 15.25

Organic Whole Grain Burger
Red wheatberry, lentils and barley, sundried tomato nut butter, pickled red onion, pommes frites 11.25

Broken Yolk Burger*
Add a sunny side up egg 2.50

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions


Served with seasonal greens dressed in shallot tarragon vinaigrette. Avocado may be added to your tartine for 1.60. Frites may be added for an additional 2.95.

Ora-King Smoked Salmon™
Ora-King™ clear water smoked salmon, clear water smoked salmon, capers, red onion, crème fraîche   14.95

Rotisserie Chicken
Greens, avocado, aioli, pickled red onion  9.75

Seasonal vegetables, goat cheese (make it vegan with tomato nut butter)  10.95

Chicken Salad
Greens, cucumber  9.75


Two sunny side up eggs on toast with a cup of fresh fruit.

Broken Yolk with Bacon*
White cheddar, bacon  10.25

Broken Yolk Petite Chou*
Sautéed mushrooms, brie   9.75

Filet Broken Yolk*
Sliced filet, white cheddar  17.95

Add avocado for 1.60
Add Ora-King clear water smoked salmon for 5.25

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions


Omelettes are served with seasonal greens dressed in shallot tarragon vinaigrette and your choice of toast. For Udi’s Whole Grain Gluten Free toast add 1.50. Egg white omelettes for 1.00 additonal. Frites may be added for 2.95. No substitutions.

Omelettes – Toast, seasonal greens   11.25

Everyone’s Favorite – Potatoes, bacon, crème fraîche, white cheddar
The Hippie with a Benz – Spinach, tomatoes, mushroom, Feta
The Frenchie – Ham, caramelized onions, horseradish, Swiss
Petite Chou Omelette – Jowl bacon, mushrooms, Brie
Omelette of the Day – Chef’s selection. No substitutions.

Three eggs, three ingredients, toast, seasonal greens  11.25

Bacon, Ham, Merguez Sausage, Jowl Bacon, Swiss, Brie, Feta, Goat Cheese, White Cheddar, Crème Fraîche, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Avocado, Red Onion, Peppers, Asparagus, Caramelized Onion, Spinach, Arugula, Jalapeño, Fresh Chives, Horseradish, Salsa, Local Folks Grainy Mustard  1.60/each


Brioche French Toast
Warmed syrup, sugared pecans, powdered sugar. With a cup of fresh fruit  8.95

Smothered Fried Chicken
Toasted English Muffin served open-faced, mushroom duxelle, sunny side up egg  14.95

Southern Breakfast
Grits, seasonal vegetables mushrooms, two sunny side up eggs  14.95
Add Merguez sausage for 1.60


Fresh Fruit Salad   4.50/ 7.25
With premium vanilla Greek yogurt  5.75/ 7.50

Patachou Granola
Sundried Michigan cherries, raisins, almonds, toasted oats.
Bowl with whole, 2% or almond milk 5.95
With yogurt 7.50
With fresh fruit 7.95
With fresh fruit and yogurt 8.50

Old-Fashioned Oatmeal
Bowl with brown sugar, whole, 2% or almond milk 5.95
With fresh berries, bananas 7.95
Side of sugared pecans, almonds or raisins 1.00


Served warm with fresh ingredients.

Fresh berries, warm chocolate ganache, crème anglaise   6.75

Chocolate Ganache
Sugared pecans, powdered sugar   6.25

Brown Sugar and Banana
Bananas, warmed caramel sauce, slivered almonds    6.25

Fresh Berry
Fresh berries, vanilla sugar, crème anglaise   6.25

French Crêpes Fines Sucrée
Cinnamon Sugar, Plain Sugar, Vanilla Sugar. Whipped cream, powdered sugar   3.25

Nutella®  5.25


Meringue, lemon curd, berries  6.95

Chocolate Pots de Creme   5.95

Hot Fudge Sundae Petite Chou
Two scoops of gelato, warm dark chocolate ganache, housemade brittle, whipping cream  7.25

Puff pastry, vanilla gelato, dark chocolate ganache   6.95

Lemon Tart
Shortbread crust, baked lemon curd filling, berries  6.25

Housemade Gelato
Vanilla Bean, Chocolate and Pistachio   Single scoop 3.50 Double scoop 4.25

Click here to download a full menu to see our selection of beverages, champagne cocktails, local craft beer, handmade cocktails, wine and champagne.